Check this recent publication of my work here from a new amazing client of mine that goes by the name of Everything But the House. They have basically taken estate sales and injected them with cool, which has propelled the whole process of selling off hidden treasures into the 21st century. It’s kind of like ebay for antiques. Dope right?!

Any how I was commissioned to do some Portrait work of the new CBO. Not only was she and her staff lovely to work with, we had great location and a great time knocking these shots out of the park.

Here are few sneak peeks from that shoot. It not my usual go-to lighting style but still fun to execute and be out shooting for notable clients.

Also be sure to check the retouching before and after section for some of the work i did on this shoot. Believe it or not, these images needed some work! HA! Small details make a great picture and while none of the details were huge, there were a lot of them.

Hope you enjoy.




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