The future of photos


Came across this article on the future of stock photography and how the selection process will become an automated process.

This has implications for all photographers so we best listen up. I am, however, tired of the naysayers or being one for that matter.

If this is like anything else the technological revolution has brought about, photographers, like anyone else, we will have to learn how to adapt, evolve and thrive.

There will always be a percent of the crowd that is extremely successful, moderately successful and not successful at all. But since “success” is a completely relative term, where you will fall in those tiers is completely arbitrary and entirely up to each individual to determine.

I am just glad to be apart of this period in time where there is so much exciting innovation happening. We can always look at the past as a barometer by which to gauge the future with but by doing so, we are making ourselves irrelevant in the now.

Everything in this industry is moving forward. Cameras, tech, budgets, talent, marketing…EVERYTHING! We might as well embrace it and see how we can make it work for us right now.


This is that type of technology. Enjoy